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Recent Updates – 7/18

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  • Previous versions of the CPI files contained periodtype 06. That was incorrect – it was for data that should have been periodtype 07, and also that data is not usually included in the CPI files.  Current versions remove those records.
  • The periodtype values in the data dictionary  (page 11) contained a typo.  The error was corrected and titles were edited for clarity.

Recent Updates – 7/7

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07/07 – Errata and new version of WID 2.7 data dictionary

07/07— CES Tables


Military Crosswalk Updated

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The Department of Defense has released their November 2016 update to their crosswalk from military to civilian occupations. Find a link to information about this latest update and for downloading the file from the NCSC’s WID Non-Standard Tables page.

ARC Meeting

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The ARC is meeting April 4-6.  Let us know if there’s anything you think we should discuss.

Flashback Friday

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Take a look at some of the pictures from our 2008 ARC Seminar in St. Louis.  We were so much younger then.