Statistical Area Types

NEW AREA TYPES – The Workforce Information Database was designed to include an almost endless variety of types of geographic definitions. This allows states to define geographic areas that are significant to their customers as well as the standard area types used in federal and state statistical data systems.

Information for metropolitan areas, under a variety of definitions, is a major output of many statistical programs. The definitions have changed in both concept and composition over time as populations have grown and shifted. In 2003 the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) introduced core-based definitions, including new types of areas, and began annual revisions to the names and makeup of the areas.

The ARC has changed the prototype values for the AREATYPE variable and developed databases that contain populated GEOG and SUBGEOG tables that use the revised values. These resources, along with OMB’s latest revisions to statistical areas, are available for downloading and testing in an archived (.ZIP) file . Changes to the prototype AREATYPE values are also available for viewing . In addition, the NCSC has created and updated GEOG and SUBGEOG tables for New England based on the cities included in statistical areas, rather than the counties used in the rest of the country. The prototype files for New England are also available for downloading . Their content is described in a separate document

Information about OMB revisions is included:

OMB Bulletin #15-01 (07/15/2015) (Download WID files)

  • Reclassification of one Micropolitan Statistical Area to a Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • 16 new Micropolitan Statistical Areas
  • Eight new or updated Combined Statistical Areas
  • Area title updates to reflect changes to geographic namesOMB Bulletin #13-01 (02/28/2013) (Download WID files)Analysis of changes by the ARC (download a document with detailed information):
    34 New Micropolitan Statistical Areas
    55 Deleted Micropolitan Statistical Areas
    27 Micropolitan Statistical Areas now Metropolitan Statistical Areas
    Three Metropolitan Statistical Areas now Micropolitan Statistical Areas
    62 Metropolitan Statistical Area name changes
    16 Micropolitan Statistical Area name changes
    Analysis of changes in composition of areas is yet to be completed