National Projections are a BLS program and State and Local Projections are an ETA program conducted in partnership with states.  National projections are produced every two years while the areas and frequency of state-level estimates is more variable.

Data Sources

National State/Local Notes
Source BLS Although data is produced for industries and occupations and combined into a single table for the purposes of the WID, the BLS presents them as separate programs.  Analysis and documentation may not apply to both industry and occupational projections.
Projections Central Projections Suite These are for editing and controlled access by LMI Analysts. State-level data is available for download as completed.
WID Version? Download Here This comes from publicly available BLS data and will be available shortly after the official publication date/time.

Table Format

With version 2.7, data fields were added to reflect changes in methodology.  Fields that no longer have historically consistent meaning or are no longer available were left in the table structure to preserve historic data but are meant to be left NULL with new imports.




Update Calendar

National: Odd numbered years, usually in December

Related Tables

Links to the table description in the current structure document.  Note: Page anchors do not work in Microsoft Edge (the default browser for some states).