Income data by geography. Includes income estimates from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

Data Sources

SourceBEABEABEA income data is available for the US, States, and Counties and is published at various times throughout the year.  National data lags by a year, but state and local data are published later.
 CensusCensusCensus income is available for the US, States, Metro/Micro areas and Counties and is published annually.
WID Version? BEAState PagesThis comes from publicly available BEA data and will be available shortly after the official publication date/time. National data is contained in state-specific file.
CensusAll RegionsThis comes from the American Community Survey and is updated when 5-year estimates become available. All areas are contained in a single file.
CustomThis is a python script to extract the data from the BEA API and format it to load into the WID. The script contains parameters to define years and areas for extraction allowing users to pull the most current data as needed. It will require a user to obtain a BEA API key and insert it at the line “api_key = ” # insert API key here”

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