Cost of Living

There are a number of sources of cost of living data with different methods and products.  They’re useful for research applications and to provide a reference point for wage data.  Although cost of living is non-standard and does not have a formal WID table, the content is useful enough to states to index here.

Data Sources

Geographic Extent Notes
MIT County This is an annual calculation that produces annual costs for various components (food, childcare, etc) and a required wage value to cover those costs for 14 family structures. You can find the documentation here.
C2ER County and MSA This is a widely-used annual index value but is available for a cost. You can find the documentation here.
WID Version? County and State


This is an adaptation of a method developed by Minnesota. It has both component costs and an index value but is relatively new. You can find the documentation here and a visualization here.

Table Format

This is non-standard content but has been structured to work seamlessly with the WID.

Table Structure

SQL Statements to create tables

Update Calendar

This is a new data source at the national level. If there’s interest, it will continue to be produced in future years, with updates occurring in January or early February.

Related Tables

The structure of related tables and the SQL are in the same files under Table Format above.
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