The ARC provides a wide variety of tables populated for use in the Workforce Information Database, including a number of data tables containing county, metropolitan area, state and national data.  Because these tables contain economic data, they are updated regularly.  This page contains the anticipated update schedule for the major data files distributed by the ARC.  Click on the link for each series for more information about the data.

 Series  Geography  Time Period Last Update Next Update
IPEDS School Files U.S., States, Counties 2021 Sept. 2022 Oct. 2023
QCEW U.S. 2020 Sep. 2021 Sep. 2022
CES U.S. Current Monthly Monthly
Labor Force U.S. Current Monthly Monthly
CPIPLUS, CPI U.S. Current Monthly Monthly
OES Wage Estimates U.S. 2022 May 2023 May 2024
Census Income U.S., States 1984-2019 Dec. 2020 Apr. 2022
Counties 1989, 1990,
1993, 1995,
Dec. 2020 Apr. 2022
Census Population U.S., States 1900-2019 Dec. 2020 Apr. 2022
Counties 1970-2019 Dec. 2020 Apr. 2022
BEA Income U.S., States 1929-2021 Nov. 2022 Nov. 2023
Metro, Micro areas, Counties, Metro divisions, combined statistical areas
1969-2021 Nov. 2022 Nov. 2023
BEA Real Personal Income
States, Metropolitan Areas
2008-2017 July 2019 July 2020
Employment Projections U.S. 2021-2031 Aug. 2022 Aug. 2023
OMB Geography Updates Metro, Micro, Metro Division May 2018