Are you a DBA looking for content? Here’s a short list of resources that might help.

ARC Training Guide. Click here to become familiar with various topics including WID structure, LEWIS, Database basics, and even basic communication tools to use with your IT staff.

Recent Updates. Click this link for a list of recently updated tables.

WID Structure. This is the most recent structure document.

Core Tables. The WID Structure document above contains table structure for a number of data sources so that states who are collecting or using related data can store it in a way that has been vetted by other states and is comparable to the rest of the database.  However, the only tables that are required to be maintained by the TEGL are the core tables.

Download Data. The ARC puts out data in WID format from a number of public data sources.  All data contained in these files can be obtained from federal agencies, but it may be more convenient to get it here.

Upgrade the WID. Click this link if you want to learn about upgrading the database tables.

Help! Click this link to be connected to someone who can answer your questions that you might have about the WID.

Newsletter. Twice a year we produce a WID newsletter and send emails with new content.

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