Labor Force Demographics

State LMI offices commonly get questions about characteristics of workers and non-workers.  While regular monthly data sources don’t have much detail in that area, there are a few options (with limited geographic extent or infrequent publication).

Data Sources

Geographic Extent Notes
BLS Geographic Profiles States and Census Regions This is an annual calculation from the CPS with a historical series going back to 1997. The release of the annual tables lags the end of the year by six months to a year.
ACS All Census geographies ACS has the most geographic detail, but is available annually or for a 5-year survey period.
WID Version? County and State ACS 2017 5-year data has been structured for use with the WID. This is still non-standard content but is available for download.

Table Format

This is non-standard content but has been structured to work seamlessly with the WID.

Table Structure

SQL Statements to create tables

Update Calendar

This is a new data source at the national level. If there’s interest, it will continue to be produced in future years, with updates occurring in January.

Related Tables

The structure of related tables and the SQL are in the same files under Table Format above.
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