Military Crosswalks

Military crosswalks are used to match job classifications from the various branches of military to civilian jobs.  Veterans hiring and job programs attempt to identify the best fit for exiting service members, and to help employers understand the skills veterans bring with them.  The crosswalks can be complicated because the different branches of military have different coding structures, the most common classifications of military jobs have subclassifications, and there are frequent updates.

Data Sources

WID Content
US Department of Defense All available versions here  N/A

This is a complete list of military occupations mapped to SOC and ONET codes.  It’s compiled 3-4 times a year and distributed as an Access database.

O*NET Current  N/A O*NET gets military classification data from the DOD but adds some value and maps it to additional occupational structures.

Table Format

Crosswalks and military occupations can be mapped to OCCXOCC and MOCCODE, respectively.  Because this is non-standard content with narrow use, files are not provided in WID format.


Update Calendar


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